Transportation accounts for a good 14% of all carbon emissions worldwide. The emissions don’t just came from cars but also from airplanes, cargo ships, and trucks.

Fortunately a move towards electric transportation in almost all types of transport is picking up speed.

Along with the obvious transport options that have traditionally relied on combustion, every type of transport is now going electric. 200 million electric bikes in China alone, and their use is spreading worldwide. Improved battery, motor, and power control technology will challenge the dominance of small fossil-fuel engines in every light sector: motor boats, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, mopeds, and motorcycles.

There are also completely new types of low- or emission free modes of transport emerging like electric scooters, drones of all types, and even so called flying taxis or VTOLs (short for vertical take-off and landing).

Electric cars are already mainstream thanks to companies like Tesla. Some transport options will take more time but we believe most of us will fly in planes whose main propulsion system will be electric in our lifetimes.

The faster we can transfer all modes of transport to electric, the better for the climate.

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