Carbon capture

Carbon capture

Climate change is the single biggest threat to the future of our planet and to our civilisation. If we continue on the current path we will destroy the only habitable planet we know.

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please apply, and we do our best to match you with an opportunity to use your skills — whatever they may be — to work on preventing a climate disaster.

Climate change is in large part caused by putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To prevent a severe climate disaster we need to move to renewable energy sources like solar energy or other carbon free energy solutions like nuclear. Given the urgency of the problem and time it takes to transition to renewable sources of energy, we also need to think ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide currently in the atmosphere.

There are number of technologies to capture carbon dioxide from the air but we need more investment and people working on the technologies to push down the cost of these. This would help stabilise the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to prevent large scale global warming.

We believe this is some of the most important work anyone could undertake.

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