Act local

Act local

The climate is warming and it’s increasingly impacting all aspects of our lives. Whether it’s violent storms, droughts, forest fires, heat waves, or rising sea levels pushing local communities into a brink of a crisis.

The warming climate is largely the result of our own actions and we need to course correct. More than any other time in the history, we’re the keepers of life on a whole planet. What an amazing job we have.

By signing up we direct you to your local community page where we share the existing local campaigns as well as the best practices from other cities and countries around the world. We also help you organize in your community to positively influence decision makers and the policy.

Here’s what we promise. You don’t need any special skills to help. If you feel the burn like we do and you’re ready to help, vote when elections call for it and be active within your community, we can do this. By having enough people ready to stand up we can change the local policy and with that ultimately reverse climate change. Just sign up and tell your friends to sign up too. We’ll take it from there together.

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To fully understand the gravity of the challenge, please read the latest report by the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change.

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